English Café

Are you learning English and looking for a chance to practise outside the classroom? We invite you to visit our language café. It is a place where you can simply drop by, have a tea, coffee or a fizzy drink and practise your English in a fun and casual environment. The session is led by native speaking lecturers. They’ll ensure exciting and educative evening worth your while.

1 Abend, 24.03.2023
Freitag, 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr
1 Termin(e)
19:00 - 21:00 Uhr
Regionales Bildungszentrum, Pestalozzistraße 17, 86420 Diedorf, Seminarraum im vhs-Container
Beth Woodward

Ansprechpartner: Regionales Bildungszentrum Diedorf

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